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The AygenArt Academy opens doors again!

Finally the time has come. I am relieved and happy.
Individual voice lessons may now take place again under strict hygiene requirements to protect us from Covid19.
From now on, the Academy will be open again every Tuesday.
We are lucky to have the possibility to keep a distance of 3 meters in the studio, disinfectant is available and also the double doors of the winter garden will be opened wide during the lesson, so that we have fresh, moving air in the studio during the voice lesson.
In addition, I plan 15 minutes between lessons to disinfect anything that might have been touched by the student during the lesson (door handles, music stands, etc.).
I kindly ask my students who come to class to ring the bell at the vocal studio so that I know they are there and then wait for me to call them in after I finish the disinfection.
In the garden in front of the studio there is a chair, where you can wait a moment while the previous student says goodbye and I do the cleaning.
Unfortunately, only one student is allowed to be in the studio. Therefore it is no longer possible to come early and listen to how the predecessor is singing. But we don’t want to complain, we want to learn and sing with lots of energy. I am very happy to be able to work personally with my students again. I still offer the online lessons and highly recommend trying them out, because I expect that the next cold wave may come up with restrictions again for my teaching. But until the we will be singing happily in the studio!

Closed by Corona

Sad, but it has to be: The Gesanghaus Aygenart closes its doors until April 30th, 2020. I am healthy and alert and am not afraid of being infected with individual lessons at a distance of 2 meters, but I do not want to send the wrong signal by continuing to teach while all of Germany is closing schools, theaters and music schools.

I find these measures correct and sensible and hope that this will be over soon and that we can sing together again. Until then, you can take online lessons with me and I hope you all practice well at home! I will keep you up to date when the Gesanghaus Aygenart opens doors again. Stay healthy and take care of yourself. We should all be considerate of one another and think positively now. Aylén 🎶💃🏻