German language clases

Beginners and advanced learners can take German classes online with me. No matter which country you come from, I look forward to getting to know you and your culture. My lessons train you in conversation and through my experience as a teacher of German phonetics for opera singers, I can help you effectively reduce your accent. If you do not speak German at all or are a beginner, we will develop your grammatical basics and build up a vocabulary in language and writing. Due to my experience as a voice and acting teacher you will never be bored in my lessons. They are always very lively and vivid so that your brain links words and grammatical combinations with emotions and events and reminds them better than through pure memorization. Language is freedom. I myself am fluent in English and Spanish and am currently learning French. So I know how difficult it is to get started, but I also know the sense of achievement of finally being able to express yourself freely in a foreign language or being able to follow a conversation with several native speakers who speak at the same time. I am happy to motivate and support you on your way into freedom with the German language.