Voice lessons for blind and visualy impaired people

“The voice of a human being is his second face.”
Gerad Bauer

For blind people, the voice is the first thing they perceive from another person. Therefore, dealing with the own voice, especially if one does not have a visual perception of his/her own body, can be a healing and satisfying experience. Singing is a kind of audible painting that creates inner images and can bring back memories through familiar melodies. Breathing, body awareness and control over the voice are skills that can be learned and strengthen personality and self-esteem.
From 2013-2014 I leaded the singing circle for the blind and visually impaired of the BSVH in Hamburg. Since October 2014 this is continued by my colleague Silke Willmann.
The AygenArt Academy offers private clases for blind and visualy impaired people.