Voice lessons online

I travel a lot through for concerts and it has brought a lot of positive things for my AygenArt Academy. Such as the exchange with different cultures, the learning of several languages ​​and that I have found students all over the world.
In order to teach my students at a distance, I offer online lessons and I have excellent technical equipment. I travel with a kind of small studio with which I can teach from anywhere where there is Internet.

How does online teaching work technically?
We make an appointment and you tell me whether we use Zoom, Skype or Facebook Facetime. I will then send you a link to a zoom meeting, a Skype or Facebook request and call you.
I personally prefer and recommend Zoom because of the sound quality, setting options and because you don’t have to register and connect to Zoom in a social network. A link is created for every class we do and after the clas the Link is gone again. But all other portals are also possible.

How does online teaching work in practice?
It is a little different from personal lessons. The biggest difference is that I cannot accompany you on the piano because of the Internet Delay. Therefore I have recorded a whole series of piano playbacks that I will send you before our lesson. I would also be happy to record individual playbacks for your desired songs.
Just like in a personal lesson, we do technique first and then repertoiry. I play the technique “live” and you sing. If you have speakers or openback headphones, you can hear me very well and clearly thanks to my excellent microphone. When we practice repertoiry you sing with the playback I sent and I correct you, insert exercises and work on your voice.
The advantage of playbacks is that you always have them. You can also practice the songs without me and prepare for our lessons.
Of course I am very happy when we see each other personally and I can accompany you again. Making music together is another thing.

What do you need to take singing lessons online?

  • A (good) internet connection
  • A computer / tablet (or a cell phone)
  • Install zoom (alternatively Skype or Facebook)
  • either speakers (I recommend this small JBL box for about € 21 is enough!) if necessary, we can also work with the speakers of your laptop or cell phone, but that’s a very, very quiet sound.
    -or headphones! (Please no Noisecanceller, because then you will no longer hear yourself singing.)

If you want to try out the online lessons, please get in touch with me.