Audition preparation

I am here to support your preparation for auditions in Germany or any other place in the world. My speciality of course is checking on your German rep for any little pronunciation issue. But I will also assist you in selecting your best arias if you are insecure with that and on developing a perfect interpretation, that suits your artistic personality. If you are dealing with any kind of stage fright or stress symptoms before auditions, please don´t feel bad about it. One of the biggest blockages is that professional singers are told that professionals don´t have stage fright, fear or nervousness. THAT IS WRONG! Lot´s of great singers and actors actually were highly sensitive emotional beings. This is why their art is so beautiful. Of course they doubted in themselves, of course they were scared and frightened at times. Not speaking about it doesn´t change it.
So if you are dealing with stage fright or any kind of panic there are different mental and physical techniques that I can teach you, to improve your mental set up for stressful situations.