Your goals

You have the beauty of your body and your voice. Now it´s time to decide what you want to do with it.
I always thought I wanted to sing only opera, until I found out that while dancing flamenco and tango I developed the deep wish to sing this music too and to create international fusion projects.
This is one example for how goals and dreams can change. The most important thing is to articulate this wished to form a goal out of them. So you need some one who listens without judging, with out telling you you can´t or shouldn´t sing or do this or that. And who supports you finding a realistic approach to what ever musical vision of yourself, your voice and your career you have!
Here I am, ready to support you and I can tell that there is nothing impossible. If I can go to Argentina and arrange traditional folklore for a soprano voice and be successful with it – You can sing what ever you want too! Especially if you want to stay in the metier of opera, wich is what you have studied, practised and developed!